mercoledì 7 novembre 2012


Lady Marmelade is finally back!

2 years after the release of her last (commercially disappointing) album,Aguilera is back to prove she still is one of the most powerful voices in music businness.

After Bionic,some people thought her career was over : her performances were ofter hoarse and out-of-pitch,her image was uncertain,and her younger fellows(Gaga,Perry,Beyonce,Rihanna & co.)were commercially stronger than her.

Now,after experimenting tv success (with The Voice) and a strong comeback on the charts(with her feat in Moves like Jagger),she is out with a new record,preceeded by( the not so original) YOUR BODY.

The album showcases widely her pipes(she recently worked with a great vocal coach to bring back the proper singin'tecnique),and gives new breath to her creative expression.

Though some songs could be easily written off and forgotten (Around the world,Shut up,Cease fire,Make the world move),some numbers make LOTUS worthy of its cost.

ARMY OF ME,a bombastic anthem reminiscing of her "Fighter"days,could have been the perfect lead single(instead of the anonimous-Perry-like "Your Body"),and definetely stands in the top 10 of her best songs ever.

BLANK PAGE,the ballad chosen as Lotus'second single,may be its highlight.
Sia Furler gave her best on it,and so Aguilera did.We can't do anythin'but hope for it to be as successful as Beautiful,her signature song.

Other notable songs are Empty Words,a nice compromise between pop and ballad-style,and Let there be love (a dance Aguilera we can't help but shympatize for).

Will Lotus bring back the Genie?

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